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how does a mill ball worked

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In some cases, ore and water are fed directly into an autogenous mill; or, a semiautogenous mill. Coarse particles are returned to the mill for further size reduction. Between each grinding unit operation, hydrocyclones are used to classify coarse and fine particles.

In pracice, autogenous grinding has to be changed to semi-autogenous grinding, since lack of adequately hard ore necessitates the addition of large steel balls to maintain the required grinding rate.An autogenous mill is, by definition, a mill that employs coarse ore as the grinding medium while it is itself being ground.

how does a mill ball worked

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8 (when only those having a particle size below the standard particle size are acceptable), a large amount of coarse gypsum exceeding the standard particle size is obtained. Therefore, there is a problem that the amount of processing as a non-defective product becomes very small (more gypsum components are wasted).In addition, when trying to strictly separate the particle size of the recycled material after passing through the crushing step S5 of FIG.

The biggest part of energy is being consumed on crushed mass spreading, heating of the environment, and other useless forms of work, such as the creation of the vibration/seismic waves (Figure 1b) [1,2,3,6,7].Seismic effects of explosion: In the case when explosives are detonated a sudden release of energy is just partly consumed in the crushing of rock mass.

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