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schematic diagram of attrition milling machine

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Materials will be crushed, grinded in the crushing cavity.The crusher machine and auto-fine crusher machine adopt the laminating crushing principle. It has short crushing section and the upper part has large open volume. The feeding size is generally about 30mm and the final products size will be 6mm. This crushing cavity will get the materials into fine size and it can save energy.

The final particles are of cubic shapes and would be the perfect gear for construction in the highway,water and electricity construction. Our impact crushers employed in rock quarry are of high effectiveness and wonderful significance.Zenith's impact crusher characteristics having a higher ratio of crushing, higher effectiveness of crushing, simple to operate, and so on. Furthermore, impact crushers really are a lot a lot more proper to a course of action granite, limestone, sand gravel etc.

schematic diagram of attrition milling machine

Application range: it is widely used in construction sites, sand working site, glass factory, power station, concrete pre-cast stone and electrical construction site.

1 also depicts the Intermediate Deflector Liner 3. Also constructed of a steel material as described above, this liner assembly may be bolted or welded to the interior surface 10A of the existing pulverizer mill body. Thus, the total developed angle between the two sloping surfaces would be in the range of 60° to 120°. As dictated by the individual pulverizer mill design, the Intermediate Deflector Liner will be constructed with upwardly and downwardly sloping surfaces which are oriented at 30° to 60° off of a horizontal axis. The components of the Intermediate Deflector Liner may be designed and built as a single unit or may be designed as separate smaller segments for easier installation. The Intermediate Deflector Liner is a circumferentially-built converging-diverging orifice assembly.FIG.

Further in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, the gap adjustment means is formed as one or more ring washer spacers inserted in between the rigid frame and upper ring.

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The Equipment Used in the Production Line

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